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We are now Pure Flight.

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Hypershuttle Transportation and Currency


Hyper Shuttle allows you to save.

Save on automobile purchases

Save on automobile maintenance

Save on car insurance

Save on gasoline

Save on parking tickets and other fines

Avoid a leading cause of death-- car crashes.
Avoid highway gridlock.

Payment for the service can be rendered by a credit card for transit like the ORCA Smart Card system.

The computers running the shuttle scheduling use "fuzzy sets" of logic based on fractal theory.  

You are invited to interact on Google Plus in a discussion about the Hypershuttle.



It is always a good time for courage and wisdom

It is always good to hear words from someone who looks out for the good of all concerned

It is always nice to hear how a man wants to be a champion of the people

It is always in good taste and acceptable by the public.



There is a world wide credulity crunch. click here

Also, from the web:

......... the bankers knew many of the loans they sold to investors were deficient, and got a discount when they bought them, but then passed those loans along to investors at full face value anyway. Or, two, a charge that surfaced again today, that bankers sold the same mortgage to numerous bond pools ensuring that investors would lose money.

Read more: http://curiouscapitalist.blogs.time.com/2010/10/19/will-bankers-go-to-jail-for-foreclosure-gate/#ixzz13n0ic5Hz


Here is my alternative currency idea:

I had the idea of rolling over Commodities Exchange (COMEX) gold certificates into a pool and issuing a new paper currency from the value of that gold. The COMEX (and London buillion exchange) has recently been caught in a massive short sell and it is predicted that it is soon to be squeezed..they issued 100 times more paper reciepts for gold than they actually had in physical gold! 

We should consider issuing community currency based on these gold contracts. They would start out "good as gold" and would probably survive a crash in the value of the dollar. This is important because we need to think about carrying on our economic business in the event of a global devaluation of national currencies.

An honest statesman on a National level will admit that there is not enough gold to sustain a world economy based on a gold backed currency. There will  need to be a conversion of this money to a labor based currency......but this money is reactionary. Its' aim is to return its' value ((Commodities Exchange--COMEX) gold contracts) to its' rightful owners. I call it the Reactivmark.

"the COMEX which currently has 102,516 open interest contracts (512 million ounces) promised for future delivery. This compares to roughly 117 million ounces of physical silver available for investment in 2010 (Mine supplies 736 + recycling 215 + gov't. sales 45 - fabrication 879 = 117Moz.) Shorts have promised to deliver over four times the amount of physical silver available per year. In other words, demand for silver investment at today's price is much higher than physical supply. This works fine as long as futures investors don't take physical delivery. Shorts can simply settle the contract for the cash value and everybody's happy."

Read more: http://community.nasdaq.com/News/2012-01/the-silver-singularity-is-near.aspx?storyid=117209#ixzz1kuxujtNj



It is entirely possible that the central "bank" (it isn't a bank, it is a private money creation scheme) will print some form of currency to buy out all of the fraudulent gold contracts. This will mean that future generations will be stuck with the bill because "bailouts" mean inflation and debt.

To wit:

James G. Rickards, market intelligence executive for research firm Omnis, interviewed today by CNBC about the Greek debt problem, remarked that he expects that the international bailout business soon will pass to the International Monetary Fund and result in the issuance of more Special Drawing Rights, money printing for which no particular government will have to bear sole responsibility, an engine of general worldwide inflation that will punish savers. Rickards added that to create more inflation, the Federal Reserve could buy gold in the market and bid the price up substantially, devaluing the dollar and easing debt burdens.

Things are getting interesting in regards to todays veterans:

"What Has Been Stolen by the MegaCrooks is Beyond Imagination " -Gordon Duff Click here

SEC Says New Financial Regulation Law Exempts it From Public Disclosure

LINK: http://www.foxbusiness.com/markets/2010/07/28/sec-says-new-finreg-law-exempts-public-disclosure/


A cultural icon for the financial "industry":

The Federal Reserve Cartel: The Eight Families

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ben Bernanke Money Printing Ends Up as Wall Street Bonuses

"WSJ is reporting that bonuses on Wall Street this year are expected to be around $144 billion. How big is that relative to the overall economy?

ZeroHedge cranked out the numbers and it is 8% of the total money supply (as measured by M1). Got that? Investment bankers will control 8% of the entire money supply once bonuses are paid.

Now, there is nothing wrong with bankers earning good change as a result of dealmaking, but a good portion of the bonuses are the result of money being shoveled to bankers by Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke. Where's Bernanke getting the money to shovel to Wall Street? Why he is just printing it, that's what he does."

LINK: http://www.economicpolicyjournal.com/2010/10/ben-bernake-money-printing-ends-up-as.html


Federal Reserve Risks Ruining Reserve Currency
November 2, 2010 | From theTrumpet.com


The Telegraph’s Ambrose Evans-Pritchard is warning that the Fed’s quantitative easing plan “risks” a “currency war” that may accelerate “the demise of the dollar-based currency system, perhaps leading to an unstable tripod with the euro and yuan, or a hybrid gold standard.”  (emphasis added)

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I am calling for a discussion of political rights; the right to take exception on important matters of life and living.


The best movie on the Internet: http://www.911missinglinks.com


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